I am passionate about sharing my craft and have had the privilage of speaking at a number of technology related conferences and meetups.

Topics I enjoy talking about

These are the topics that are currently getting me excited. I'll update these over time as my interests develop.

The JAM Stack

I've long been a fan of modern static site development, which to the uninitiated refers to building static sites (ie, no database or php) using modern tooling and programming practices. The JAM Stack has come along way since those early days and we have more tools available than ever.


How do you launch a successful brand when you have limited resources or funding? I've co-founded a number of successfull online businesses and achieved both successes and failures along the way. The important part is that we did so using simple growth hacking techniques that can be applied to any business.

Remote Work

My experience and learnings from working remotely, with tips for freelancers, agencies and maintaining a healthy balance in your daily life.

Past Talks

Below are some of my past talks when I was still working with Joomla!.

Content Construction with Zoo

For those new to content construction and the Zoo component for Joomla. The talk covered an overview of how content construction works, an overview of Zoo's features and a couple tricks I learnt along the way.

Introduction to Morph

An introduction to Morph, the Joomla template framework we created back in 2009. The talk included a demo of the setup process and admin user interface and finally some practical examples of theming using child-themes.

Rapid Template Dev with Morph

A practical look at theming using the Morph framework. This included setting a custom child theme and manipulating the front-end to implement an example design from scratch. The talk was split over two sessions.