I learn something new all the time and as such I like the share my discoveries in the hope that it will help someone else down the line.

Customize a Beans child-theme

In this two-part video, I cover the basics needed to customize a Beans child-theme. This includes setting up a child theme, overriding templates, functions and css.

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Custom UIkit builds with Beans

Also covers Beans auto-loading feature, which takes the frustration out of loading UIkit components without the needed dependencies.

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WordPress sitemap, sans plugin

What is a sitemap? I'm guessing most of you know what a sitemap is, but if not, here is a basic definition: > A sitemap is an xml file that search engines use to know what content you want indexed and when your content has been updated. Normally you'd use one of the many plugins available, but now you don't have to. One less plugin to load and maintain is always a big plus in my books. So, on with the show. I hope you find it useful.

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Customize the WordPress admin

This tutorial is about different ways you can customize the WordPress admin, either for yourself or your clients. Not all of the methods covered in the tutorial will be relevant to every project. You'll need to decide which make sense for your individual clients. Check? Check! One of the (many) great things about WordPress is how easy it is to customize and extend. If there is something in the admin you're not using, chances are it's pretty easy to remove. As a part of my build process when cr

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Calculate your age with Vue

While it's easy to remedy (just set a reminder to update the dang age man!), a better solution would be to have the age value update automatically. Similarly to how one would auto update the copyright date in a sites footer. Doing this is in php would be pretty trivial, but being that it's not something I've done before in Vue.js, it took a bit of tinkering to get working. I'm using Gridsome for my site, but this will apply to any Vue.js project. Here is the snippet, added as computed properti

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