I learn something new almost daily on the web and as such I like the share my discoveries, to hopefully help someonle else down the line.

Calculate your age with Vue

Yesterday I finally started updating my new portfolio content and when I got to the about page on my old site, I noticed my age was still set to 35. Whoops.

Free Ghost Hosting on Unubo

I've used ServerPilot for years and it's been great for managing my 30+ installs, but I recently came across Unubo, which boasts a similar offering, but with a few key differences.

Customize the WordPress admin

In this tutorial I share how I customize the WordPress admin for my clients. In it, I'll be cover replacing the WordPress admin login, improving the WordPress dashboard, removing unnecessary elements from the admin and more.

Custom UIkit builds with Beans

In this video I show you how to use Beans as a quick and easy way to create custom builds of UIkit for your static projects.

WordPress sitemap, sans plugin

In this tutorial, I cover the steps needed to create a sitemap, without using a plugin. This is something that Thierry came up with, so full credit to him for the code. I'm just sharing it here so you guys can use it too.

Customize a Beans child-theme

A quick video showing the process of getting setup with Beans, a child-theme and the Child-Theme Modifications for Beans plugin.