I'm a designer, front-end developer & occasional entrepreneur. I live off-grid on a farm just outside a small town called Hoekwil, in South Africa.

Chris Rault

I've been alive for 38 years and have worked on the web for 18 of them. How time flies! Despite being a veteran of the web, I still wake up every morning excited about the days work ahead. There aren’t many jobs that give you the same satisfaction as with working on the ever changing landscape that is the web. I am South African born, but have lived in London, Argentina, Brazil and visited the US, Malaysia, Paraguay, Sweden and Scotland.

Outside of work I'm interested in permaculture / suitanable food farming, free energy systems, primitive technology and working on my various side-projects.

I also occasionally speak at tech conferences and post the occasional youtube video (mostly of garden / farm updates and live music).

My skills

Web / UI Design
As I designer I get excited about clean, minimalistic design that is functional and centered around the person using it.
Front-end Development
As a developer I'm obsessed with performance and building interfaces that are a pleasure to use. Tabs over spaces.
Theme Development
As a theme developer I love the freedom of being able to conceptualize a concept and take it from design to finished product.
Product Management
As a product manager I thrive on building and iterating on products, coming up with growth hacks and getting the product to market.

I speak <code/ >

I'd never call myself an expert at anything, but I've been teaching myself html/css for over 18 years and feel I have a pretty good grasp an the nuances of the languages.
I've been writing PHP for close on ten years and while I'd definitely not classify myself an expert, I have a pretty solid understanding of variables, loops, funtions, classes and CMS specific implementations, such as WordPress.
Like most developers who have been around for a while, I started off by using jQuery and generally am able to implement most of my ideas. These days I'm leaning more towards vanilla JavaScript and Vue.js.
I use git to version control my code and these days tend to use Github as my platform of choice. I'll eventually get around to setting up my own instance of GitLab.

What's in my toolbox

Gridsome Gridsome
My favorite static site generator that was built to consume 3rd party apis like a boss.
Svelte Svelte
An alternative to Vue.js where the framework is just a compiler.
Sanity Sanity
The customizable backend / data-store I use for my JAM Stack sites.
Zeit Zeit
Static site hosting alternative to Netlify targeted at designers and developers.
WordPress WordPress
The open-source cms I used exclusively, before I fell in love with the JAM Stack.
Beans Beans
The WordPress theme framework aimed at developers I helped create.
DigitalOcean DigitalOcean
The rock solid hosting infrastructure I use to host all of my sites on.
Cloudflare Cloudflare
My domain, dns and cdn of choice with data centers across the globe.