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Using Obsidian to author my Astro content

I recently starting rebuilding my personal site using Astro and decided to use Obsidian, an awesome note taking app to manage my sites content as well (which uses Astro's content collections).

Getting it to work was literally just a case of opening Astro’s src/content folder in Obsidian and bobs your uncle. The next step in the challenge is storing the content in a repository separate from the site content. Thankfully Elio Struyf wrote a tutorial on doing just that.

Next step I moved the content to a new git repo (sf-content) located in the root of my Astro project, created a git sub-module and then sym-linked the contents to my src/content folder.

In addition to this I added two Obsidian plugins to make things work a little smoother. First the Github Publish plugin does what it says on the box. Publish the contents of your vault to a github repo. Noice. Next up, automatically uploading images pasted into content to Cloudinary. This was also a breeze to setup using the Cloudinary plugin.

Smokey out.

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