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There are 4 entries tagged with #tools

Falling in love with Libre Office

This post is about how I misjudged this hidden gem and how I managed to create my perfect off-line writing environment.

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Falling in love with Ubuntu

I switched over to Linux from Mac a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised with the improvements to the overall interface.

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Meet the Nue kid on the block

It’s 7am on a Tuesday. I’d planned on sleeping in after burning the midnight oil deep-diving into Astro, building a foodie-inspired theme as a way to familiarize myself with it’s internals.

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Using Obsidian to author my Astro content

I recently starting rebuilding my personal site using Astro and decided to use Obsidian, an awesome note taking app to manage my sites content as well (which uses Astro's content collections).

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