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The brief: "Marketing site for a collab building a suite of tools aimed at the Jamstack."


JammeryHQ is a collaboration between myself, Travis Reynolds and Reinhard, founded early 2020 to create a home for our existing collective starters and plugins, as well our new configurable utility starter and cli (command-line-interface).

Spinning up a new project via the cli lets you define content types using a variety of api sources. In addion to taking care of the initial setup and configuration, you also have the option of applying pre-made templates to your various layouts (blog index, blog taxonomy, blog single, page, shop index, shop taxonomy, shop single, etc).

The utility theme, layout templates and component library all use Tailwind CSS - the popular utility framework, which can be configured to match your projects branding, typography, spacing and colors really easily.

Lastly, we’re also working on a normalisation plugin, which will let you use the same starter or layout templates with different sources. For example, an ecommerce starter that could work with WooCommerce, Shopify or CommerceJS.

The utility starter and cli are currently in early alpha and we’ll be onboarding our first developers to assist with testing later this year.

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