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There are 6 entries tagged with #life

Hey ho, it's SmokeyFro!

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to creating a personal site that I'm proud of. This a complete rebuild of my WordPress version which lived over at for a couple years.

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Introducing my new website, now powered by Astro

In the tradition of keeping up with the times, I finally got around to migrating my personal site (and playground) from Gridsome to Astro.

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Living a life more connected

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I’ve been wanting to write more actively, but due to the stresses of life, the constant hustle to keep the farm going, paying bills and the uncertainty of it all, I never seem to find the time.

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Just launched: - powered by Nuxt & Directus

Another week and another client project launched. This time it's for a Dutch client, Nieke Munning for her local Bioresonance Therapy services.

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New Jamstack site for my dad

I recently had a few days over in the week after completing a new client project, so without anything else directly competing for my time, I figured it would be a good opportunity to work on a new site for my dad, who is a natural health practitioner and coach.

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The long overdue update - what I've been working on

Every site redesign / rebuild starts off with the best intentions. In my case, having a shiny new home for my portfolio and blog would of course mean I'd miraculously start blogging daily, but alas that hasn't been the case. Real life happened and as a result, updating my site fell by the way-side.

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