Wine Folly

Complete overhaul of popular wine blog

Client: Madeline Puckett ยท


  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Gutenberg Development
  • Performance Optimisation


  • WordPress
  • Beans
  • AMP
  • Google Analytics
  • Git
  • WP Engine

About the Project

I had the privelage to work with Madeline Puckette and the WineFolly team for a year and a half. In that time I rebuilt the site from the ground up, using Beans and CMB2 as my primary tools. The entire site was built using AMP Native, meaning AMP was used for both mobile and desktop users.

AMP came with it's own set of challenges, most of which being that it's still a relatively new technology, so there isn't that much info out there when you get stuck, or you come across a bug in one of the core components. That said, I'm pretty chuffed with the final product.

Some of the other projects we worked on, include:

  • A suite of Gutenberg blocks.
  • An index of 260+ grape and wine landing pages.
  • AB Testing using Google Optimise
  • Custom shortcodes, including a super flexible card shortcode.
  • A custom shortcode preset builder.
  • Native integration with Klaviyo.
  • Feedback system for posts.
  • Custom post type for team and contributors.
  • Custom landing pages for different initiatives.
  • Custom API endpoints for the AMP integration.


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