Made with Sketch

Resources for Sketch (a popular design app) optimised for the smallest download size.

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Skills Used

  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development


  • WordPress
  • Beans
  • Matamo
  • Git
  • Cloudflare
  • DigitalOcean


As a long time Sketch user (before switching back to Windows) who lives in Africa (where internet can be spotty at best) I created Made with Sketch in part to keep track of my various Sketch design resources (UI Kits, Device Mockups, Icons, etc), but also as a way to save myself and others precious bandwidth downloading unnecessarily large kits.

For example, Facebook has an awesome collection of digital device mockups, which is great. The only catch is the download is a whopping 1gb. After digging through the Sketch file, it was pretty obvious what was adding all the weight. Apart from bundling all the devices in a single file, each device also included a number of jpg renders of the device.

So first step was to split ever device into it's own file and provide the jpg renders as an optional download. Not only did this dramatically reduce the individual file sices, but it also made it possible to search for a specific device and only download what you need.

The site was built using WordPress and the Beans framework.