Joomla template club we ran for 7+ years and the birthplace of the Morph template framework.

Skills Used

  • UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Template Development
  • Component Development


  • Joomla
  • Google Analytics
  • Git


We launched JoomlaJunkie as we were leaving South America, after having spent the past two years traveling between Argentina and Brazil, all the while working on the road. By that time we had built a bunch of templates for our clients and noticed an emerging trend with paid templates.

The original site was gross, but we'd made seven sales in an hour and a further fifteen later that evening. If nothing else it validated the idea that we could earn money while traveling.

On arriving back in South Africa, we landed in Andrew's (my business partner at the time) folks place in Johanesburg, working out of their garage for the next six months, by which time we'd made enough to move down to Cape Town, with a cosy house in Observatory and our first office walking distance from the house.

We grew the team to seven full-time staff and built up a client-base of 30k+.

More on this one soon...

In the mean time, here is a video presentation of Thierry Muller (who I later joined forces with to create HeadwayRocket and ThemeButler), show how he used Morph to build his Joomla site ->