I've worked on the web for just shy of two decades and in that time I have worked with clients big and small, co-founded a number of digital product related brands and frameworks, designed and developed some 30 plus templates and launched a slew of side-projects.



· June 2019 - Present
Back to freelancing while I work on a number of side-projects, which include Mzango (a backpackers guide to South Africa) and our family farm.


Front-end Developer

· December 2018 - June 2019
I was initially hired to rebuild the original WineFolly.com, but stayed for a year and a half to work directly with WineFolly's founder, award winning book author Madeline Puckette. In that time I helped get her book content online, created a suite of Gutenberg plugins, setup the initial WineFolly API, a bunch of integrations and more.

Web Monkeys

Creative Director

· April 2007 – December 2018
My company at Web Monkeys has been varied based on the need at the time. Apart from co-running the business, my responsibilities included desiging our web properties, themes, plugin interfaces and marketing material. I also took the lead on our product support, writing technical documentation and all marketing related content.

Nomad Studios

Creative Director

· August 2005 – April 2007
We started Nomad Studios shortly after leaving the UK, providing web design services to companies in the real-estate sector across the US, Europe and South America. We worked on everything from small agency sites, to fully-featured property portals and everything inbetween.

NuVue Trading


· July 2003 – July 2005
Myself and a former colleague setup NuVue Trading while living in the UK, drop-shipping wholesale label clothing to retailers selling on eBay. After getting frequent requests for web design work, we branched out and created Nomad Studios, which later became our primary focus.

RPC Data

Technical Sales Consultant

· February 2001 – June 2003
Working at RPC was my first taste of startup life. I was recruited for a rigorous six month bootcamp, then three months of Oracle training in Zimbabwe and later advanced web design at UCT. My responsibilities included building technical demos, prototypes, assisting the sales team on client meetings and giving technical presentations at relevant tech shows.

Phinda Game Reserve

Training Camp Manager

· January 2000 – Jan 2001
Fresh out of school and in search of an adventure, I landed a position as the Training Camp Manager at a prestige game reserve in KZN, South Africa. When not tracking Lion cubs, my responsibilities included camp security, maintenance, procurement, assisting with training exercises and generally ensuring the trainees were well looked after.