Gear List

For anyone interested, here is my current gear list.


  • Dell XPS 15" My primary work station
  • Apple Macbook Pro 15" '12 My old mac, now mostly used for testing
  • Old Nokia Basic comms

Mobile Office

  • LifePower Power Backup Solar powered backup power on the go
  • HyperJuice USB C powered backup system for the new MBP
  • Logitec Web Cam Skype and Slack meetings occasionally
  • External DVD Writer Used to burn physical backups mostly
  • Western Digital 4tb USB Drive External backups for my files, media and Photos

Photo / Film

  • Sony A200 DSLR Mostly nature shooting
  • GoPro 7 Hero Filming action shots outdoors and the occasional live band
  • 300mm Telephoto Zoom Lens To get closer to my subject
  • Macro Lens To get up close and personal
  • External Mic Better audio for screencasts and live music